You Don’t need 10k followers to land your dream client

You put all your heart and energy into your business YET you don’t have tons of clients rushing to work with you or buy your product. Or maybe you have clients BUT they aren’t your dream clients. You feel totally intimidated by your competitors with 10k plus followers…

You Don't need 10k followers to land your dream client

So you go down the rabbit hole… You think, “I need to post MORE on social media, I need to be on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. I NEED MORE followers… I need more likes I need to run ads, I need investors, I need influencers, I need to learn google analytics or maybe I should just invest in the next BIG technology trend so I get tons of money… Wait I don’t even know anything about that and now I am totally overwhelmed…” You feel me?

You sit down at your computer or go on your phone and you start googling EVERYTHING and suddenly 2 hours have gone buy and you have got nothing done and your TOTALLY overwhelmed… Sound familiar?

I KNOW that feeling. I know how stressful it can be to run a business and I know how overwhelming social media, marketing, websites and the whole dang digital world is! I seriously used to feel like this ALL the time! SO I made a change… And now I have a consistent client inquiries, I am working with DREAM clients, I am NOT stressing about money or marketing. Instead I am spending quality time with my family and loved ones and I am putting more effective energy into the parts of my business that I LOVE.

And GUESS what? I don’t have 10k followers on Instagram, I don’t post every day on social media, I am not even ON every social media channel (Just a couple that I like!). But, I DO have a stress free marketing strategy, an awesome community surrounding my brand, and consistent business.

Here’s what I did to LOSE the stress and LOVE my clients! It’s actually pretty simple… I invested my time in understanding my dream clients. Then I developed a unique marketing strategy for my personality. I aimed to solve the problem that my clients have and I began sharing my process in a way that was fun. I built a strategy around my long term business and personal goals and worked backwards.

You Don't need 10k followers to land your dream client

You don’t need 10k followers to build a community for your business… You need a dedicated audience that is interested in what you have to offer and a strategy that attracts them.

So, instead of stressing about your number of followers…

  1. Focus on trying to solve your dream clients PROBLEM.
  2. Develop a unique STRATEGY that doesn’t stress you out.
  3. Focus on QUALITY over quantity.
  4. Set aside time each week to focus on marketing
  5. AUTOMATE your marketing (I LOVE the scheduling app LATER:
  6. Create an AMAZING client experience from start to finish (I use Honeybook for client management and you can get 20% off with my referral link right here:

AND try not to get caught up in the comparison game… You are unique in your own way. Don’t let perfection stop you. Keep moving forward.

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