5 Website Tips to Land Your Dream Client

Here are five website tips that will help you land your dream client as a professional brand and website designer!

Are you totally overwhelmed trying to optimize your website?

5 Website Tips to Land Your Dream Client

Tip #1 Keep it SIMPLE!

SO often I see websites COVERED with long detailed paragraphs… I hate to break it to you BUT no one really cares about all the nitty gritty details behind your business. In fact, our brains go BLAH when we see all that information.

I get it! You are passionate about your product or service and you want to communicate that passion. Through brand strategy and design you can still communicate that passion with simplicity, strategy & beauty!

So what DOES your audience want to know?

“ You have the answers that your dream client is seeking so GIVE it.”


Tip #2 Address your Audience’s PROBLEM & give them a SOLUTION

Your audience wants to know that you understand their problem. They are coming to you because they have a problem that YOU can solve. So let’s talk about it. Present them with that problem loud and clear. Make it obvious that you understand their issue and that you are hear to help.

You have addressed your audiences problem NOW give them the solution!

GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT. If you take away anything from this blog post… I hope it is the value of giving your audience what they want. You have the answers that your dream client is seeking so GIVE it.

Make your audience aware of the transformation that will take place after working with you.

Tip #3 Give a FREEBIE!

Speaking of giving… A freebie is the best way to connect to your dream audience and prove your value. If it’s a service based business then you could GIVE professional advice or a discount on services.

We must ask ourselves “what can I GIVE” my audience that will genuinely benefit them?

You should ask for a simple email in exchange for your freebie. Remember YOU DON’T OWN SOCIAL MEDIA. If instagram or facebook were to shut down tomorrow, how would you reach your audience? Having a backup platform to connect with your audience is CRUCIAL to

building a sustainable business.

5 Website Tips to Land Your Dream Client

Tip #4 Share your PROCESS.

Share your process BUT keep it simple! Your client wants to know what it’s like to work with you or use your product. Share a simple phase 1, 2, 3. that breaks your process down into steps while taking the customer on a journey from problem to solution.

Let your potential client visualize the process and taste the solution.


SO, this is probably the most important tip of ALL. Make it so easy and obvious to find that buy or book button. You have taken your audience on a beautiful branded journey NOW show them how to work with you!

Make it easy and keep it simple and straight to the point. Don’t beat around the bush. This button should be easy to spot on the page so that someone can click it right away.

Keep reading for a BONUS TIP!

BONUS WEB DESIGN TIP: The color of your call to action matters.

Orange or yellow evokes comfort and happiness and it is also one of the most clicked button colors on the internet. If you are promoting the environment or peace then green is a strong color of choice. Green is calming and it is associated with GO.

I hope you enjoyed these web optimization tips! Now GO get your dream client.

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