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I believe in combining the emotional, digital, artificial and material to create things that have never before existed and a world that will benefit from it both environmentally, economically, and emotionally. I believe business is art and fine art is the greatest expression of the soul.

From branding, website design, photography & videography, coaching, and fine artwork. Hannah Jaffe is a creative who fuses artistry and business in ways which empower the soul. Turning the abstract into physical form and then selling it with absolute passion. Ideators are individuals who are constantly thinking about new ways to solve problems or challenge the status quo. creating from ideas. Hannah is a pioneer in innovative design solutions placing a high value on creative thinking and finding sustainable solutions in an ever changing world.


Hannah j.

Over the last 5 years I have worked alongside over 600 business owners doing consulting and agency management, sold over 100 pieces of art, and created design assets and websites for 50+ clients. However, my entire entrepreneurial journey started with my fine art. I created my first business, Huny World (now Huny Designs), in order to sell my figurative artworks. I was frustrated with my first marketing job (straight out of college) while simultaneously suffering from a major loss in my personal life. I needed an outlet and art has always been my safe zone - I come from a family of artists. So, retreating to my zone of genius, I set out to create my first brand, sell my artwork, create my first line of products, and begin my personal marketing journey.

My initial vision was to create a world within my brand that empowered woman. A world where flaws were rather seen as perfection, where every inch of the female form could be celebrated in all of it's glory. Although my products and services have transformed and expanded, I believe I am not far off from my original mission: to create a world that empowers. Whether it is empowering the mother at home to take control of her money, adding magic to the world with my art, or expanding a company that is giving beauty & love to the planet. What started out as aligned action has bloomed into a full-fledged business. I am honored every day to create and serve in the many ways that I do.

Thank-you for allowing me to serve you.

My Story


My artwork depicts intimate moments of my life and has evolved as I have. Each artwork was created as an outlet from vulnerable moments. I choose to celebrate the sexy, beautiful, and magnetic female form in all it's wonder. Huny (pronounced "honey") was born during a time of deep internal turmoil - a necessary adversity to create the life I am proud to have. Art is a means to transcend the spiritual into the physical and embrace an eternal that cannot be depicted in words alone. 

I believe that intentional design awakens connections, invites innovation, and resonates with the best type of people.

I am here to help your business showcase a strong brand personality, create an inviting experience, communicate honed services, and cultivate meaningful brand connections that last.

I work closely with you to design an intimate brand & web experience that aligns with your deepest values and beautifully communicates your dream aesthetic. Blending strategy and artistry, I evoke a feeling that resonates beyond the brand identities I build.


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"I care about my clients. In fact, I’ve become close friends with nearly every person I’ve worked with. Helping people surpass limitations, move with intentional strategy & showcase an aesthetic that they are actually proud of has become my passion. 

When the heart and business align your world changes and abundance thrives.

When you work with me - you become a part of our family. I believe in creating lasting connections, sustainable plans and artistic design that truly helps you and your business long term. 

I’d love to connect over a complimentary discovery call and see how we can help you."

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Blending strategy and artistry to evoke a feeling that resonates beyond the brand identities we build.

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You are looking to out source to a compassionate creative to design your one of a kind brand / website / work alongside you to accomplish your dreams as a business owner and help you strategically and aesthetically elevate your brand to new heights. You are ready to hire a team of experts who will guide you through the creative process, ask the questions your business needs to thrive, and truly get to know YOU and what keeps your fire lit. With services from branding (logo/ fonts/ colors), website design, brand strategy, marketing & digital design, social media/ content creation, photography & videography - my creative team has your back.

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You seek the keys to success that unlock not just prosperity but also peace and joy. You crave the ability to balance the demands of your professional endeavors with the fulfillment of your personal aspirations. And above all, you're ready to cultivate a harmonious relationship with your finances, freeing yourself from the version of you that no longer serves you  and designing a future of true abundance. You know that you are ready to embark on a remarkable journey to unlock the highest version of yourself. You want to work alongside a compassionate, multi-dimensional coach who embodies the perfect blend of strategy, artistry, and holistic psychology.

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