A Families Journey to Create Peaceful Money while Living on the Road.

We just moved out of our one-bedroom apartment in Ventura, California and into the great unknown in an effort to build our fortune while experiencing the world as a family of four (yes, I am including our dog Harden – DUH!). I’ve wanted to downsize my lifestyle ever since watching “The Minimalists” back in college, so my partner and I finally took the leap and sold almost all of our possessions and put the rest in our families garages (THANKS family!). We packed up our 2014 Honda CRV and our Rhino Roof Bag with our belongings, and were off! The plan is to visit some exciting new places, spend quality time with our loved ones, and focus on our inner peace.

So far, this adventure has been both exhilarating and stressful. We had a few roadblocks (pun intended) along the way, like a major rain storm along the California coast, which put the start of our trip back a few days. Despite these difficulties, we are excited (and a little terrified) for the journey ahead.

Ultimately, I embarked on this journey to figure out how to run my online branding and web design agency in a way that would allow me to make money without sacrificing my emotional wellbeing and long held desire to travel with my family. I want people to know that financial success is compatible with emotional well-being and personal freedom (YES – I am planning on having my cake and eating it too!!). When it comes to having a fulfilling existence, I see financial prosperity and inner peace not only co-existing but intertwining.

Being an entrepreneur myself, I am well aware of the challenges that can arise when trying to balance personal and professional commitments, notably in the context of raising a young child as a work from home mom. That’s why this journey is so important to me; it gives us the opportunity to learn how to balance business and family life while pursuing our dreams and feeding exploration. In fact, just the start of this journey has begun to challenge and strengthen me as a business owner, mother, and human being. I have quickly been reminded that setbacks are inevitable, but perseverance is rewarded.

I hope our journey inspires you, whoever you are, to just try it out – if it doesn’t work out you can always turn around. Otherwise, your just gonna spend the rest of your life dreaming about doing it.


  1. Hi Hannah so exciting for you I’m so thrilled to hear you are living your dream.. I would love to follow along your journey. I clicked on the link below on the Instagram and it does not go to anything it says it does not exist. Just thought you might like to know. Please let us know what your Instagram name is to follow along

  2. I Love you all so much!!! I can’t wait to see/hear all about your adventure ahead. Stay true to you and there’s nothing that can stop you! You’re an inspiration to many … especially ME!

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