When to invest in branding and brand strategy?

Not everyone is ready to invest in professional branding and brand strategy for their business. Yes, strategy is key and yes, it is SO important to have a professional website that is strategically designed to convert your dream client and is SUPER amazing and beautiful. But if you are just starting out and you don’t have a ton of money to invest in your business, then don’t do it.

When you’re just starting out, it just doesn’t make sense. If you spend ALL your money upfront BEFORE you know if anyone even wants what you have to sell… You are setting yourself up for disaster.

When you’re in the beginning stages of a business, invest your time and be smart with your money. Learn everything there is to know about your niche. Become an expert Invest in your education and the development of your product through programs or courses. Master your business. Test your product or services, then invest in a professional.

So, when do you know when you are actually ready to hire a professional?

Branding and Brand Strategy

You have been in business for a bit and you are making money! If you already know that you have a product that people want to buy, you are starting to attract clients, and you really feel that you have found your THANG, then yes, you are ready to invest in professional brand strategy and design! Just knowing that you have something that works is the key.

Things are STAGNAT. Being consistent and making intelligent business moves will definitely bring you success, even without professional design materials. I am not going to lie to you! BUT eventually, things start to get stagnant in revenue and growth… Or maybe you are connecting to clients but not connecting to your ideal clients. My FRIEND, YES it is definitely time to invest in professional brand strategy and design!

You want to UP YOUR PRICES, EXPAND your business, or NICHE down? OH!! You are ready to make that investment! I mean, how can you expect someone else to invest in your business if you won’t?

That DIY logo and make shift brand plan is NECESSARY (AND actually recommended) when you are first starting out BUT it will only get you so far. Growth can be uncomfortable (hello growing pains!), however, in order to grow you gotta take the leap and remember YOU GOT IT.

HM… now what? Well, if you read all that and realized that you are ready to invest in a professional then maybe your wondering where to start?

Try to keep it simple and look for a package deal. Having a professional strategy, brand design, website, photos and copywriting are some of the essential ingredients to upscale your business. It can be overwhelming to be a business owner SO start with the #1 thing that has been on your mind and may be causing you stress. I recommend starting with strategy. Having a plan will catapult your growth and lay the framework for which steps to take next.

At Miles Dean & Co., we specialize in creating brands and websites that are creatively infused with strategy. We design artistic brands and unique strategies that transform your business towards the next stage of growth while enchanting your dream audience.

Ready to invest in custom strategy and brand design for your business? Chat with us today right HERE.

Branding and Brand Strategy


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