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Brand strategy. brand identity design. 

Jett, Founder of femme came to us seeking a unique brand identity and strategy for her shop. We designed to express a welcoming divinely feminine aesthetic with a luxurious yet fun brand suite, brand guide and photo selection. Prior to the design we created a in-depth marketing & brand strategy guide to help nurture new leads and be used as a manual for future employees at her shop.

Inspired by exploratory energy and a trusting connection, femme strives to support you and all of your unique needs. You will feel safe from the moment you step foot into our space. femme understands the intimate nature of our offering and we will serve as knowledgeable guides to support you and allow your expressive needs to be our priority. In addition to our wide selection of inclusive handpicked products; femme is excited to deeply connect to our community through hosted events and private shopping experiences. We are here to enhance your experience and celebrate your innate desires while helping you uncover your sexual being.